Ursula Goes to the Asian Festival

Hello, everyone.
It has been well over two months since my last post. *sigh* It truly has been a journey. I am very much employed (for) now and I have had NO TIME TO BLOG OR GO ON ADVENTURES AND I HATE IT. It's been true misery. I have been working 40 hours a week and I am thankful for the job, income, etc, but when it cuts into my adventure fun time, I turn into a grumpy grump. Anyway, I went to the Asian Festival this weekend. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but I finally was able to take pictures of my favorite thing inside the Institute of Texan Cultures . It's basically a small country home from like the 1800's that was plucked from it's original location and put inside this museum. I LOVE IT. I wish I could sit on the furniture and play with all the props.  
While at the festival, they has people doing head wraps. My boyfriend, Victor, instantly volunteered. He ended up in the local newspaper's website which was great. 

It was a lot of fun. It was really nice to do something exciting for once. I feel like lately life has become such a bore. Although, income is nice, I just feel like all I do is work. Maybe it's a good thing. That way the fun times are much more precious and valuable. 

Ursula Goes to Boerne, TX

The other day, my brother and I hung out with some friends. The one driving us around decided that we should go to Boerne, TX to kill some time as my internet was cut off at the house and there was literally nothing to do. Well, we have a very unexpected adventure. I never realized just how beautiful that darn town was! UGH. How did I not know? ME?! Anyway, we went for a hike in the surrounding areas of the Cibolo Nature Center. It was gorgeous! The river was lined with cypress trees and the water was so clear! I also added photos from River Road Park
If you are ever in the area, head to the Cibolo Nature Center. At first you see soccer fields and an athletic center and yo're kinda like, "there's no way I'm gonna find a good place to hike here!" But I promise you that's not the case! Also, there are dinosaur tracks in the park which is kinda cool. I personally had never seen tracks before. I totally didn't see them until the very end. I originally thought they were just puddles, but I was wrong lol.  The park is good for families. The hikes were short, but not too short, where you're like, "that's it?" My companions got a little tired towards the end, but keep in mind we stopped a lot and enjoyed the peaceful creek for a bit. Anyway, it's truly a lovely place and you should go there! 

Ursula and Her Love for Breaking Bad

So, I recently finished rewatching all of Breaking Bad. UUUUGGHHHHHHHHH. SO MANY EMOTIONS!!! I started watching it when my unemployment first began early August and since then have rewatched all of it. It is officially my most favorite show of all time ever in existence EVER. I remember a time when everyone was freaking out over that show when it was still on TV (now I know why). I wanted to wait until the hype was over to watch the show and see for myself. OH GOD. The hype was totally accurate for the show. At the end of every episode I was straight up losing my mind. I have never been so in love with a show. I have made the TV show rounds. I have seen almost everything that you can think of on Netflix that constitutes a "good show." However, this show helped fill the time between job hunting and crying lol. It was a perfect distraction for me when everything in my life was a little depressing. It was nice to lose myself in the world of Walter White. I have so many thoughts and theories about this show, I can go on and on and I normally would, but I just wanted to make a post about how this AWFUL (I use that word to express that I love the show so much I hate it) show helped me get through some tough times.

While watching it, I absolutely fell in LOVE with Walt. UGH. Now, for those who have seen the show, I KNOW I KNOW, but he will forever have a special place in my heart. It's various with every person how they feel about him towards the end, but for me, my love will go on. I made this special collage to express my love for the moments when he was in his underwear. I lived for those moments. Every time he was on screen in his tighty whities NEW LIFE FLOWED INTO MY BODY. That might be an exaggeration, BUT for anyone who has ever been this deep into a show, you might understand.

I made this now that I have a little free time, until I start my new job. Until then, I will probably rewatch my favorite episodes until I puke.

Is there a show/movie that you have undying love for? Have you ever watched a show or movie that helped you get through a really tough time? If so, please lets talk about it!!!

Ursula on Her Time Unemployed

The fact that I am legally an adult is hilarious. It truly is. 
I have been looking for a job that I could sell my soul to for a bit so I can save some hardcore cash and perhaps do a little bit of lite travel. I have filled out so many applications, they all start to look the same. I have officially boosted my resume (that shit looks super fly) and greatly improved my interview/networking skills. 

I have vaguely talked about my life as an unemployed person on my blog multiple times in the last few months. I was let go this summer at a job that I was at for over six years. It was a dumb situation, and I'm not going into detail about that, BUT know that it was very shocking and a little scary. To lose your job after working in one place for many years is very unsettling to say the least, but I am a survivor and naturally found ways to handle it.I really do try to grow and learn from my negative experiences. I did a lot of reading and soul searching during this time. I found two books that REALLY, TRUTHFULLY helped me out. If you are going through the same thing that I went through or are currently unemployed, I highly recommend these:
Find it HERE. 

This one talks about how to handle losing you job after working at a place for a really long time and how to properly look for a job. Before this book, I was LOST. My resume was shit, I didn't know the first thing about properly looking for a job and I had a lot of feelings that needed validation. It really helps you realize that you are not alone in going through this situation. Lot's of people go through this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Another book that really helped was this one:
Find it HERE.

This one helped me more the with job hunting process. Helped me realize everything I was doing wrong in my hunt and let me tell you, it was a lot of things lol. It had been over 6 years since I had even tried to seriously find another job, and apparently, a lot had changed since 2008. It was helpful in giving a clear understanding how what works and what doesn't work in looking, not only for a job, but for a job that fits you.
Like, I am not one to promote things, but this book really helped and I'm hoping somehow by the grace of the universe this reaches someone who might need something like this.

Anyway, I pretty much became a pro at this unemployed thing. I am not longer afraid of it. I began to embrace it as a full-time job that I was not getting paid for. I know that sounds terrible, but that really is what it was. I would always look to improve my resume or learn a new skill that might be useful in the work force.  Trust me, all the hard work really pays off. I was able to find work. Sure, it's not my dream job, but it's definitely not the worst job. Nowadays, I am still constantly looking for a new job even though I don't really need to. I feel like I am one step closer to find the "perfect" job. 

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season!